Dumb Little Bitch | Polysporin | DJ Kneesplint
YaTabTab Night
Arabic Pop
90's Nexus
DJ’s Hotmail Summer + Groceries + Raven Storm
The Hypochondriacs
ft. The Living Walls
Fleetwood Mac Tribute @ The Marquee
Nems & Scram Jones
Don’t Ever Disrespect Me Tour
P'tit Belliveau
Retro Night Live
w/ Maximum Overdrive
DJ’s Century Samuel + Douvet
Emo Night ft. Cone (Sum 41)
w/ Shellingwolf & Lumen Lux
Digital Nightmare 2024 Tour
Dancing Queen
ABBA Tribute
Moon Hooch
w/ The Big Fun Duo + Randora
Love Song Homies
Presented by Kristyn Green & Tommy Green JR
DOA Play 'Hardcore 81'
Presented by Morbid & Red Tentacle
Lloyd Banks
The Hunger For More 20th Anniversary Tour
Swift Kick (PEI)
Taylor Swift Tribute
Tokyo Police Club 'The Final Tour'
w/ In-Flight Safety
Tokyo Police Club (Night 2)
w/ In-Flight Safety
A Night with Marina Summers
Presented by YAS! Halifax
Too Many Zooz
Retail Therapy Tour
Rich Aucoin
Nostalgia Tour